MCG a game playground allows you play to earn (P2E). Our first game a mobile multiplayer go kart racing available on mobile. Our aim to create more games such as meta, mobile, meme, mmorpg and much more genres under M Crypto Games umbrella.


MCG offering secure and safe multi utility ecosystem for our holders. Staking, P2E, rewards in 12 bep20 token, lottery … we preparing much more by our in-house game development and OPS team. MCGames aiming to be one of the pioneers of upcoming web3 wave. We learning and building everyday in DeFi zone. Thanks for all who contribute with a brilliant ideas in DeFi zone. We open to learn and share our knowledge.

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Safe & Secure

MCG offering a new staking system you not need to send your token to any pool for staking. Our LP is locked please find lock link below.


MCG is an open world metaverse project where you can interact one-on-one with other players by running from battles to battles between mythologies.


At MCG, we reward our owners with 5% of their transaction fees. We offer 12 different bep20 tokens as rewards.


MCG Token offers locking and staking with in your wallet to maximize the rewards.If you choose to stake, you can get even more rewards.

Benefits for our investors

Our Contract then buys the selected token and sends it directly to your wallet at no cost. All you need to do is hold our MCG token in your wallet.

Decentralized Gaming Platform

Connect blockchain to the real world.

Time is the most valuable asset in entire universe, what we doing when we playing, simply killing time and have some fun.

What the crypto offer to you is cashing out your time. With Play2Earn you can have fun without killing your time. Simply you can play and earn real money by playing. This is the new trend on blockchain. We planing to extend this trend to the metaverse by creating new games with Unreal Engine and connect it with virtual world.



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Read Whitepaper

Our Tokenomics

The MCG contract calculates your share (based on the volume) that you want to receive as a dividend.

Funds Allocation

Token Distribution

Marketing & Exchanges
Private & Presale
Liquidity on Pancakeswap

MCG Roadmap

Here you will find all the necessary information and our plans for MCG. Of course, also a guide to the expected schedule. We will make every effort to develop everything in accordance with the dates on the roadmap. Unfortunately, this can not be guaranteed, however, we that everything in the roadmap will be delivered.

Phase 1 2022
Start and Launch MCGames

✅ Create Website & Smart Contract
✅ Listing on Pancakeswap
✅ First Game Release
✅ First Audit

Phase 2 2022
Social media & marketing

⚠️ Telegram +2k members
⚠️ Banner marketing
⚠️ Big Competition & Giveaways
⚠️ Influencer marketing
⚠️ CMC & CG Listing

Phase 3 2022
NFT & Blockchain game integration

⚠️ Launch MCG NFT Series
⚠️ Start Development NFT Marketplace
⚠️ Mint MCG NFT Series
⚠️ Buy & Sell NFT in our Marketplace
⚠️ Integration NFT in game

Phase 4 2022
Exchange and MetaVerse

⚠️ Get listed on our first CEX
⚠️ Start with metaverse
⚠️ Start game development for MetaVerse

Token FAQ

Frequently Questions

What is the standard reward token?

We as MCG offer you 12 different reward tokens. If you don't select any reward in our Dashboard, then by default you will get "BNB".

Are my tokens safe when i stake these in dashboard?

MCG Tokens can not be transferred or sold until the locking period is over. During this phase, dividends will be increased by the locking rewards for the selected time frame. With MCG staking, your tokens stay in your wallet, so security is not an issue.

Where can i buy and sell "MCG"?

At the moment you can buy and sell "MCG" only in Pancakeswap.

What is the FEE for trading?

MCG has 10% fee which is distributed 5% to holders and the other 4% marketing and 1% LP.

Our Team

Awesome Team

Meet our awesome team.




Game Development

HRH Sheriff

Community Manager


Graphic Designer


Marketing Manager